Welcome to Phoenix Fire Protection.

We are a full service Fire Sprinkler Contractor serving Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington.

Our services include:

  • design
  • installation
  • inspections
  • and much more.

Phoenix Fire Protection is a company specializing in Automatic Fire Sprinkler Protection in new construction and existing structures alike.

Our founder, Trent Bice, has specialized in the fire sprinkler industry since 1991.

We are a company based in Southern Idaho that has put quality and integrity at the forefront and that is helping us establish a solid record.

We can handle all of your design needs, from NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, 231, 231C, 30, 409, and much more.

And we offer a full and comprehensive inspection service covering all applicable areas of NFPA 25 as well.

With testing and inspection services, preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency, our services cover every life and property protection system in your buildings, offices and homes.